Video Surveillance and DVR Security Solutions

Surveillance system installation is one of the IT services that will give you a peace of mind when you leave the office for the evening or for the weekend. You can’t be always monitor your business property, but your video surveillance system can.

Video surveillance also allows you to monitor your business operations during the working day and should be a central part of your company’s security plan. Installing a well-placed camera system will help to prevent theft and will promote honesty among your employees. Taking retail stores as example, studies show that the incidents of shoplifting are greatly reduced with the presence of security cameras. The systems we install also feature remote video surveillance, so you can monitor your business regardless of your location.

Tekcentrik’s managed video surveillance service is the simplest way to implement video surveillance. We will first schedule a consultation to determine the best design of your system. Then we will install it and provide ongoing service and support. Also, contact us to learn more about the other value-added IT services that we offer to optimize surveillance systems.