Office/Retail IT relocation services

Moving to a new office? Have a new construction project? Tekcentrik provides a solution to take care of all of your IT needs for your new office or retail store. We will plan, design, architect and implement your new network infrastructure from the ground up in an extremely detailed manor. IT functions for any office can be quite complicated, but here at Tekcentrik, we are here to make you as comfortable as if you were putting together a sandwich. Here are some of the highglights of tasks we perform during an IT move:
• Let us plan, manage and lead your technology move professionally to ensure business continuity.
• Disassemble, reassemble and provide oversight of all physical IT system move operations to minimize the potential of system damages and post-relocation system failures
• Build the new IT closet/server room at least 1 month in advance
• We will work with all vendors involved during the entire process (ISP companies etc)
• We test all hardware/software including server and workstation connectivity
• Provide post re-location system testing, optimization and end user support services to ensure that your new IT environment is ready.