Project Design, Development, and Management

Even with preventative maintenance, remote desktop support, and onsite repairs, new IT projects will be necessary. Our IT management team can help you with these projects. We’ll work with you to determine if undertaking the project will use your capital effectively and meet the objectives of your business plan. Our IT management team’s project development process identifies your specific business needs, and our methodology allows us to meet your required timeline. Like our other services, IT projects will have little, if any, impact on your day-to-day operations.

Small and mid-size businesses often lack the expertise to complete an IT project without negatively impacting their complex computing network. Our proven IT project process provides more organization, planning, and attention to detail than the processes of other IT management teams.

Tekcentrik’s new project process includes the following:
  • Comprehensive needs analysis and network assessment
  • Scope of work documentation with scalable solution options
  • Project plan build and customer end user communication
  • Active project management
  • A project documentation report upon completion