Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Anti- Spyware

One of your business’s most important methods of communication may be vulnerable to viruses.

While email may play an irreplaceable role in your day-to-day business, your email servers may not be protected by a firewall or by security appliances, making it vulnerable to attack. Our IT management team has encountered many unprotected email systems while working with other clients that let any inbound email pass through regardless of content, size, or address. This unsecured network provides a perfect opportunity for spammers and email virus senders to infect your company’s computers. Some businesses waste millions of dollars due to lost productivity, interruption of services, and wasted or damaged systems. Also, when spam containing offensive material, like pornography, becomes a chronic problem, employees often become disgruntled. In some serious cases, employees have taken legal action.

Our IT management team will work closely with your business to determine which anti-spam and antivirus products and services will best protect your network. We continually research for the newest anti-spam, antivirus, and antispyware programs, so our customers always have the most up-to-date network software protection. In addition, our systems implement automated scans to ensure all machines managed by Tekcentrik are free from spyware or viruses. When our scanners detect an issues, we are automatically notified about the issue. Our IT management team will then fix the problem.